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Confirmed: Chelsea striker is Liverpool’s first summer signing

Chelsea striker Dominic Solanke will leave the club to sign for Liverpool, the BBC has confirmed.

The fee for the 19-year-old will be decided by a tribunal since he is a developmental player, with Liverpool expected to pay around £3million.

The youngster was also a target for RB Leipzig and Celtic but decided to accept Liverpool’s offer.

Earlier this year, manager Antonio Conte confirmed that the Englishman was going to leave the club during the summer transfer window.

“Is he leaving? I don’t know, I think this is his will,” Conte said in February.

“I have spoken with him to try to understand his will. It is normal.

“We must have a great respect for every decision. His contract expires in June and he has the full will to stay in Chelsea or to go away”.

Meanwhile, Liverpool fans have frowned at this signing with many of their tweets suggesting the signing wasn’t worth a Champions League bound side like Liverpool.

Some of the tweets

@LFC #MCFC sign Bernardo Silva #LFC sign Solanke…. We never learn do we?

@LFC Massively underwhelmed….


@LFC Why can’t we just sign a proven striker. this is a joke like

@LFC So this is what Champions League football gets us ? Nice…


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