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Manchester United on Forbes Rich list


NFL side the Dallas Cowboys have held their position as the world’s most profitable team, as per Forbes Magazine’s yearly rundown.

Manchester United, best of the rundown in 2011 and 2012, moved above Barcelona and Real Madrid as the most significant football team at $3.69bn (£2.86bn).

That put United third by and large.

The Cowboys’ esteem expanded by 5% to $4.2bn (£3.26bn), with Major League Baseball’s the New York Yankees second on the rundown at $3.7bn (£2.87bn).

The NFL’s the Los Angeles Rams were the greatest gainers, moving from outside the best 50 to twelfth as their worth multiplied to $2.9bn (£2.25bn) following their movement from St Louis a year ago.

NFL groups represented 29 spots on the best 50 list, with just the Cincinnati Bengals, the Buffalo Bills and the Detroit Lions excluded.

No ice hockey, Formula One or Nascar groups made the cut.

The top 10 are

1. Dallas Cowboys $4.2bn (£3.26bn) American football

2. New York Yankees $3.7bn (£2.87bn) baseball

3. Manchester United $3.69bn (£2.86bn) football

4. Barcelona $3.64bn (£2.82bn) football

5. Genuine Madrid $3.58bn (£2.78bn) football

6. New England Patriots $3.4bn (£2.64bn) American football

7. New York Knicks $3.3bn (£2.56bn) b-ball

8. New York Giants $3.1bn (£2.4bn) American football

9. San Francisco 49ers $3bn (£2.33bn) American football

10. Los Angeles Lakers $3bn (£2.33bn) b-ball

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