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Jose Mourinho wants to end his feud with Antonio Conte

Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho wants to end his feud with Antonio Conte by shaking his hand before Sunday’s big clash.

The warring managers have traded jibes this season, with Conte saying he cannot wait to face his rival at Old Trafford.

Mourinho is ready to take the sting from the situation by seeking out the Chelsea chief for a pre-match handshake.

Problems between the pair began in October 2016 when Mourinho was left fuming by Conte’s celebrations during the Blues’ 4-0 win over United.

The bad blood worsened in January after Mourinho said he did not have to act like “a clown” on the touchline to show passion.

That was seen as a dig at Conte, who responded by claiming the Portuguese must be “senile” given his own celebrations in the past.

Mourinho would not let it lie and really twisted the knife by saying: “What never happened to me — and will never happen — is to be suspended for match-fixing.”

That was in reference to Conte’s four-month ban while at Juventus in 2012-13 for failing to report match- fixing at his previous club Siena.

Conte was subsequently cleared of any wrongdoing.

But he was furious Mourinho had raked the issue up and rapped: “When you insult a man or another person, you are a little man and I think he is a little man.”

The Italian added he could not wait for Sunday’s Prem clash to get his revenge. Conte said: “Life will go on and I’m not worried about him.

“It’s a good opportunity when we play United to clarify with him if there is anything. To meet face to face.

“I’m ready, I don’t know if he is.”

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