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Ronaldo boycotting National league

Cristiano Ronaldo’s absence from the Portugal squad is reportedly linked to a Nations League boycott by the Juventus forward.

According to Tancredi Palmeri for Tuttomercatoweb, Ronaldo believes there is a witch-hunt against him, orchestrated by Real Madrid, which would explain his failures to be crowned the best player of last season by UEFA and FIFA.

They were followed by a controversial red card during Juve’s 2-0 win at Valencia in the Champions League, leading the 33-year to conclude his dismissal ‘wasn’t by coincidence’.

Consequently, the ‘agreement’ between Ronaldo and Portugal over his recent exclusions would have been on the basis of the No 7 boycotting UEFA’s newest competition.

“Cristiano Ronaldo doesn’t want to contribute his presence to the success of the Nations League and has deliberately decided to pull out of the competition, where he’d undoubtedly be its most important star, given that in this case there wouldn’t be a Messi to turn to as an alternative,” wrote Palmeri.