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The new ball for the Euro 2020 summer tournament has been launched, with a design and name that symbolises diversity and togetherness.

The new ball has been designed by Adidas and the German company has taken inspiration from the diversity introduced to the 2020 edition of the competition. For the first time, next summer’s finals will be played across 12 different European countries before the climax in London where the trophy will be lifted. That inclusiveness is part of the reason for the name of the ball which is made up from a combination of the words ‘unity’ and ‘euphoria’.

The artwork used for its design brings a sense of crossing bridges and blurring any boundaries, a message that is closely linked with the spirit of the tournament.

Explaining further, Adidas product designer, Anika Kennaugh says

“When designing an official match ball, we always look to reflect culture; what is the spirit of the street that we can proudly showcase in the stadium.

“What we saw in our cities – all our key cities – is the need to come together and unite for change. As one of the major sporting events in the world, UEFA Euro 2020 is a great opportunity to proudly showcase the power of unity and to celebrate sport as a connector of people, ideas and creativity.”

The sports manufacturer’s brand marketing VP, Florian Alt spoke further about the ball representing the tournament’s diversity and the bonding of cultures.

“In this ground-breaking tournament, adidas will celebrate football – and sport – as something that can bring the world together.

“Football is for everyone, regardless of who you are, where you come from or what surface you play on – it unites us all when we play. With Uniforia, while it is just a symbol, it is a symbol we all can – and should – unite behind.” he began.

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