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Lewis Hamilton: i will not be distracted by ‘Paradise Papers’

Lewis Hamilton has insisted that the controversy surrounding his tax affairs will not affect his push for victory this weekend.

Hamilton said, “Im targeting success in Brazil” despite winning his Fourth Formula 1 title 2 weeks ago in Mexico.

“The championship is done but there are still two races to go and it is important to win those two races to solidify what I have worked on this year,” Hamilton said.

Hamilton will at least be relieved that he is not still fighting for the title amid sensational new accusations he dodged millions in tax by claiming his personal jet is used only for business.

Through a lawyer, the 32-year-old has denied any wrongdoing, insisting that he “relies upon” professional advisors.

Speaking in Brazil, Hamilton himself said: “Obviously right now there is a bit of a storm surrounding me.

“There are many different stories around, but I don’t have anything to add to the whole scenario that has happened.

Hamilton won last year’s race at Interlagos But still Insists, “It doesn’t distract me from my core values, and also what I am here to do which is to try and win the Brazilian Grand Prix for a second time in my life.”

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