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A valid Fortunebets account is required to participate in this promotion.

Winners will receive cash back to the tune of 50% of their stake amounts, capped at N2,000 per winner!!

Terms and Conditions of our 50% CASH BACK Promotion

  1. Only bets on pre-match events will be valid for this promo.
  2. Bets placed with bonuses/free bet amounts will not be eligible for this promo
  3. Only multiple bets qualify for this promo
  4. Only multiple bets with a minimum of 10 selections and minimum cumulative odds of 3.0 will qualify for this promo
  5. Games on all tickets must expire/be played on or before the following Sunday.
  6. Cancelled, postponed or voided games will not be considered as qualifying games. In essence, if a cancelled game results in less than six (6) decided qualifying games on that ticket, such a ticket will not qualify for this promo.
  7. Replication of tickets (same games and markets selections) are not acceptable and will not qualify for this promo

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How To Claim Your Welcome Bonus:

  • This bonus is available ONLY to first time users/registrants after they make their first deposit. So, simply login to and register your new account!
  • Upon successfully registering your account, please proceed to make your first deposit, using any of our available online deposit options. Note that this bonus only applies when your first deposit is done online and not at any of our retail outlets or retail options.
  • Our first 1,000 registrants and depositors will enjoy a 100% Welcome Bonus upon their first deposit!

Hey!! What are you waiting for??!!

This bonus is capped at N30,000.

Bets placed with bonus funds would be subject to the following conditions:

Bets placed with bonus funds would be subject to the following conditions:

  • Minimum cumulative odds of 3.0
  • May be used on multiple occasions and not necessarily one off.
  • Total bonus funds must be rolled over a maximum of 5 times before any such winnings from bets placed with bonus funds can become eligible for withdrawal.
  • As stated in our general terms and conditions, this is a one off bonus. Attempts to open multiple accounts to enjoy this bonus multiple times is not allowed. Applicable sanctions for abuse of this condition are as stated in our general terms and conditions.
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Stick Around With Us And Win Constant AWOOF Bets Every Week!!!

Yes!! And it’s again, very easy to win this!! Here is how:

  • Place at least 30 different bets with us during the week.
  • Each bet must have a minimum odd of 3.0 to qualify for this AWOOF!
  • Every Monday morning, qualified punters will be credited a bonus equal to 10% of the value of all their qualifying stake for the previous week!

Again: Who does AWOOF better than Fortunebets!!!

This bonus is available to ALL punters!

This bonus is capped at N3,000 weekly

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Yes!!! No One Quite Does It Like Fortunebets!!!

This giveaway of a personalized jersey of your choice also applies to our first time registrants and depositors….. But those with a swag! How to get it? Simple!!!

  • Login to and register your new account.
  • Make your first deposit of at least N50,000.00 using any of our available online deposit options.
  • You will be contacted by us within 24 hours to get your requisite information for the jersey.
  • Your free customized jersey will be delivered to you within a week (giving cognizance of distance)
  • Note that bonuses earned via this option are bound by the conditions f our first deposit welcome bonus campaign as well as relevant sections of our general terms and conditions.